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Ethiopia is a country full of wonders. Ethiopian historians and writers have written extensively about this wonderful country. However, Ethiopia has not produced many writers known internationally. constraints related to the ability to write in a foreign language, typically the English language, coupled with  financial problems, have greatly contributed towards the absence of prolific international writers. Contrary to this unfortunate fact, Ethiopia is still a country known internationally for its rich history, culture and abundant resources.

So many books are written about Ethiopia by foreigners. Some of them are published here. But, there seems to be a critical problem of getting access typically those materials published by a foreign publisher. The problem extends  even to  locally published materials. What is worse, getting a soft copy is very difficult. This undoubtedly will have a negative impact on the development of research in Ethiopia.

Partially good news

There is one place to get a partial or in some cases full access to  books on Ethiopia and even  books on every subject. Every one knows about Google books. This is your place to join the amazing world of books. Google provides partial preview and full access to millions of books on a wide range of subjects and topics.

As regards books on Ethiopia, I should only mention two points to make you say ” I will google this site right now!”

  • You will not  believe the size of the available materials
  • Most of the books have not been in local market and are literally speaking beyond access.

Encyclopaedia aethiopica

Encyclopaedia aethiopica will substantiate what i have said above. This is by far the greatest and comprehensive work on Ethiopia. This is what Wikipedia has to say about this remarkable project.

The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica (EAE) is the basic reference work for Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies. The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica provides access to reliable and state-of-the art information in all fields of the discipline, i.e. anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, history, geography, languages and literatures, art, religion, culture and basic data. Although the main audience is academic, most articles are readable also for non-specialists. The EAE is richly illustrated with maps and photographs many of which were never published before.

The Encyclopaedia Aethiopica has hundreds of authors from up to thirty countries. High academic standards are secured by an editorial team based at the Research Unit Ethiopian Studies at the University of Hamburg in Germany, and experts on all important fields and a board of international supervisors supported the editors. Editor-in-chief is Dr. Dr. Siegbert Uhlig, former holder of the chair of Ethiopian Studies at the Asia-Africa Institute of Hamburg University.

Planned to consist of five volumes when finished, the first three volumes (2003, 2005, 2007) are already in print. The first volume includes letters A-C, the second volume is dedicated to letters D-Ha and the third volume covers He-N.”

How to get access to Encyclopaedia aethiopica?

Just go to google books and type  “Encyclopaedia aethiopica” in the search bar. Or click here to directly go preview. The bad news is that this is simply a preview. you are not allowed to read the whole book. secondly, such preview is even available only for one of the volumes of  Encyclopaedia aethiopica. Lastly, you can not download the portion of the book you have preview. Google has unlimited number of downloadable books, access to Encyclopaedia aethiopica is only limited to preview.

How to download google books

It is not normally possible  to download Google books if access is limited to preview. So, this is what you have to do by pass this limitation. There are a lot of Google book downloader soft wares. Some of them are free and effective. But there is one software tested and proved working for me. That is Google book downloader portable version. You can get on 4shared. (http://www.4shared.com) or click here to directly download the file.

More Google books on Ethiopia




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