Trade practice and consumer protection proclamation No.685/2010

This Proclamation has the objectives of:
1/ protecting consumers rights and benefits;
2/ ensuring the suitableness of the supply of goods and services to human health and safety and installing a system of follow up;
3/ ensuring that manufacturers, importers, service dispensers and persons engaged in commercial activities in general carry on their activities in a responsible way;
4/ preventing and eliminating trade practices that damage the interests and goodwill of business persons;
5/ accelerating economic development.
1/ This Proclamation shall apply to all persons carrying on commercial activities and to any transaction in goods and services within the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
2/ This Proclamation shall apply to a commercial activity even though conducted outside the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia if its out come has effect in Ethiopia.
3/ This Proclamation shall not, however, apply to:
a) the sovereign act of the state which is exclusive of public enterprises;
b) basic utilities;
c) basic goods and services subject to decision of the Council of Ministers to price regulation;
d) collective agreements applying to
employer and employee relationships.
4/ Without prejudice to the provision of sub article (3) of this Article, the limitations of scope of application provided for under this sub article (3)(b) and (c) shall not apply to matters stated in this Proclamation in connection with consumers.
5/ The application of this Proclamation shall not in any way prevent civil actions consumers may file on matters of extra contractual liabilities under the civil code.
6/ Without prejudice to the adjudicatory power of Trade Practice and Consumers Protection Authority and the enforcement power of the Ministry and the bureaus, the provisions of this Proclamation may not apply to matters with regard to supervisory activities and measures undertaken in accordance with the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No. 661/2009.

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