Trade practice and consumer protection proclamation No.685/2010

1)The Authority shall prohibit the act of merger, if it decides that it causes or is likely to cause a significant restriction against competition or eliminates competition.
2)The Authority shall immediately notify its decision under sub article (1) of this Article to the body that conducts commercial registration.
1)Merger for the purpose of this Proclamation is deemed to have occurred when two or more business organizations previously having independent existence amalgamate or when such business organizations pool the whole or part of their resources to carry on a certain business purpose.
2)Merger also occurs by directly or indirectly acquiring shares or securities or assets of a business organization by a person or group of persons jointly or the business of another person through purchase or any other means
3)For the purpose of the implementation of sub article (2) of this Article, a person or a group of persons shall be deemed to have acquired or to have taken control of a business organization or a business where such person or group of persons could influence the decision making in the affairs or in the administrative activities of a business organization or a business.
1)A government office, which conducts commercial registration, shall inform the Authority, the merger of business organizations or the transfer of shares or securities or assets which shall be entered in the commercial register before registering the same.
2)Any person, who is concerned with an agreement or arrangement that has the purpose of merger, shall, inform the Authority of the conclusion of an arrangement or agreement with the purpose of merger or an attempt to conclude the same.
3)No merger arrangement shall be implemented before the Authority grants permission.
1)The Authority shall prohibit the acts of merger that cause or are likely to cause a significant restriction on competition or that eliminate competition.
2)The Authority, when a notification of merger is submitted to it, shall, immediately communicate to the applicant in writing of its decision either to grant or deny its permission.
3)If the Authority needs additional information or documents, it shall communicate its decision to the applicant within a short period of time in order that the information and documents be submitted.
4)Where the Authority deems necessary, may notify the applicant how he shall amend the merger and that it gives the permission on condition of the submission of the amendment.
5/ The Council of Ministers may specify by regulation those acts of mergers that are subject to supervision.

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