Trade practice and consumer protection proclamation No.685/2010

The Authority may grant a permission to implement a merger in spite of the fact that it has an anticompetitive effect, where the applicant can justify the merger by proving that gains in this respect cannot be obtained without restricting competition and technology, efficiency and pro-competitive gains resulting from the merger outweigh its anticompetitive effects.
The Council of Ministers may specify by regulation those trade activities it deems are vital in facilitating economic development to be exempted from the application of the provisions of chapter three.
1) Any act or practice carried out in the course of trade, which is dishonest, misleading, or deceptive and harms or is likely to harm the business interest of a competitor shall be deemed to be an act of unfair competition.
2) In particular the following acts of unfair competition shall be prohibited:
a)any act that causes or is likely to cause confusion with respect to another business person or its activities, in particular, the goods or services offered by such business person;
b)any act of disclosure, possession or use of information, without the consent of the rightful owner of that information, in a manner contrary to honest commercial practice;
c)any false or unjustifiable allegation that discredits, or is likely to discredit another business person or its activities, in particular the products or services offered by such business person;
d)comparing goods and services falsely or equivocally in the process of commercial advertisement;
e)with a view to acquire an unfair advantage, disseminating to consumers or users, false or equivocal information including the source of which is not known, in connection with the prices or nature or system of manufacturing or manufacturing place or content or suitableness for use or quality of goods and services;
f) obtaining or attempting to obtain confidential business information of another business person through his ex-employee or obtaining the information to pirate his customers or to use for purposes that minimize competitiveness

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